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Keep your natural hair healthy and growing while wearing hair extensions. I can show you how.


Extensions should not be damaging to your hair. Proper installation is the key to keeping your hair healthy and growing.

One should never have to compromise health for beauty. My philosophy is built around keeping your natural hair as healthy and strong as possible through proper installation methods, researched products, and continued education with top industry professionals.

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Case Study:

Proving hair growth is possible while wearing extensions!

My client below had been plagued with severe hair damage from wearing hair extensions the wrong way. This is her on the left at January 2018 with her extensions taken out. You can see her natural hair is damaged at the ends and not very full or healthy.

Then look at the same client only 4 months later where her hair has not only grown in length, but so much fuller and healthier than before! This transformation was possible while wearing extensions! How?

Healthy Hair Extensions

How is this possible…

Proper extension installation and hair care.

You don’t have to suffer damaging your natural hair if you want or need extensions, you just need to make sure they are being installed in the correct way and taken care of. This is why it is so important to do your research and ask questions! Be smart about who your stylist is and their knowledge on the subject.

All of my extensions are installed by utilizing the correct amount of natural hair that the extension is attached to, and providing exact distance from your natural root to allow for naturally flowing and growing hair. This ensures the added weight of extensions or tension doesn’t pull your natural hair and cause damage. Lastly, I inform all of my clients on the proper ways to care for your extensions daily; from brushing to washing, and the best products to use to increase longevity and reduce the chances of extensions coming loose.

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