There is nothing more cringe-worthy than witnessing damaged hair from extensions. So many women have a false understanding on what to expect when using extensions and believe hair damage is "ok" or even to be expected. 

This is just not true. 

Extensions are meant to look, feel, and act natural to your own hair and should not cause damage or breakage. My 8+ years of experience and extensive education has given me the opportunity to help those women who need extensions but are scarred by previous bad experiences or horror stories. With the proper installation techniques and premium extension products, many of my clients see hair growth while wearing extensions. 

It doesn't come easy though. There is a lot of work and maintenance that comes with extensions, but I can guide you through the process and provide the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure the best quality and experience. 


Notable Credentials.

DreamCatchers Certified

Actively certified to purchase and install DreamCatchers Hair which includes their renown I-Tip extensions. Also premiered on DreamCatchers social media as a specialist and performed Instagram Takeovers for my perfect installations.

Hair Lingerie Certified

Currently the only extension specialist in Long Beach, CA who can purchase and install Hair Lingerie hair. Some celebrities using Hair Lingerie; Cindy Crawford, Christina Aguilera, Katy Johnson, and others. 

Sara Connor Color Class

Completed the color class specifically for coloring extensions with the famous Sara Connor focusing on essential techniques and skills to improve coloring and matching with natural hair.